Fifty Shades Of Grey - Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD



Colin O’Donoghue on OUAT S4 set, Stanley Park, Vancouver (July 18, 2014) (x)

Cagatay Ulusoy (new reportaz): ”It was a great season,very fun.The crew is amazing.Everything is going great.Let’s not jinx it.The movie will be next year.We are talking about some things,cant tell much right now….I’m kissing all my fans from here.I love them all.I’m so thankful they are always on my side.”

zeyker :D


ZeyKer married <3


Damon + Elena || The Crow (Season 6)

warning: you will cry your eyes out.


My favorite interview! 

Theo: “Stop playing with her!”  (Hot Damn!)


Love them all&#160;!!!! 
Our new heroes 


Love them all !!!! 

Our new heroes 


x- Focus on something.. Here, look at my eyes or uh just focus on the sound of my voice.. anything you have to do just try to concentrate, concentrate..